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...is a Colorado photographer who, after living in, and traveling through, various countries of the world, settled in Denver in 1983.  Denise lives with her canine companion, Sarah, and enjoys the outdoors, the arts, travel, writing, film, music, and people.  No matter where she is, Denise is always attempting to capture images of life around her, and re-present the world in a unique yet familiar manner.  Denise's work focuses primarily on landscape photography, as well as a wide range of on-location portraits, headshots, pet, and event photography.
Denise has been featured, as the November 2012 and May 2014, "Artist of the Month" by Mass Media Inc., a Toronto-based graphic design and print company.   Her work has been show-cased at Neil Corman's Photography Gallery, NRC,, the Teller Street Gallery and Studies,, 40 West Arts, and the Highlands Cork and Cafe.  She has sold her cards and calendars at the eXtraOrdinary Gift Co.., and the Teller Street Gallery and Studios.  Denise has additionally sold her work privately, and donated her work for auctions, to support causes she believes in, such as those related to mental health, suicide prevention, and victims rights.  

Denise Cordner

Denise Cordner